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Friday, March 04, 2005

Stupid blogspot (or me)

I didn't even start my actual post and somehow it posted. What I intended to say is that I'm going to visit my parents out in a sane part of the country where people yield to pedestrians, carry openly, have gun racks in their trucks, talk to strangers, and want the government to leave them alone. I'm from the area of where Randy Weaver was shot. Even the liberals out there don't care much about banning guns.
I'm so tired of people here who want a nanny government and don't care at all about the Constitution. I'm a broken record in class, always asking where the president has the power to do whatever it is we're discussing since it's not in the Constitution. My textbook is atrocious (never read Paradoxes of the American Presidency or Considering the Bush Presidency). They say the Republican party is getting more and more conservative and that Bush catered to the far right. If he tried to do that, his political strategist needs to be fired. Reagan and the Iran-Contra scandal is always right next to Nixon. The scandals of Clinton are never discussed other than Monica. FDR, Wilson, and Lincoln are the heroes while Reagan is a low-average overrated president.
I'm counting the hours til I'm in a land that has heard of the BATFE, Weaver, Waco, the Constitution, and that values freedom from an opressive government.


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