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Friday, March 18, 2005

The State of the Union

There are times I hate America. I'll always love her potential, her Constitution, and much of her history but I hate what we've become. Roe v. Wade forced the government to allow murders to occur. Now we've gone a step further: the government is murdering a living, breathing human being. They're not even giving her a quick and painless death but are instead slowing torturing her to death. I spent 2 months in africa and visited refugee camps. I've seen what starvation does and it's a cruel, grusome death. Now in addition to gassing and burning civilians to death over a possible tax violation, shooting a mother while holding a young baby, and shooting a 14-year old boy while he was running away, we have to add starving a woman to death.
This is a sad day for America. I hope and pray that somehow, someway, Terri's life can be saved.


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