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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before...

There’s a conservative fellow sitting in a coffee joint, reading a copy of Michelle Malkin’s book, Defense of Internment.

Along comes Mr. Loony Left, asks what the fellow is reading and jolts in shock..

"That horrible, wretched woman! She wrote that book to put all muslims in gas chambers! Eeek!"

"Well, Mr. Left, that is kind of why I’m reading this book. I want to see what she has to say, and how she argues her case. By the way, are you sure, really sure, that she wrote that she wants to gas all the muslims?"

"I know this because Professor Jones, a noted authority on the Middle East, insists that is what she truly means. Even if she did not write as much, such a desire is secretly hid in her breast".
"Mr. Left, how do you know what she wrote, as you did not read her book? And, if you did read it, and you think she is using all kinds of code words and such to convey her wishes, how do you know what is going on her hidden self? For we may only take documents at face value, and we cannot read the minds of others".

At this point, the conversation mercifully ceases, establishing only two things. A., that Mr. Left is a hateful, bigoted automaton, B, that Professor Jones is similar.

(OK, that may not be a verbatim transcription, but you get my gist - and he did say the part about muslims and gas chambers..and he described Mrs. Malkin in uncomplimentary terms...)


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