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Friday, February 25, 2005

Shocked! Shocked I tell you!

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

My theory is this - that neo-Judaism is based on the fact that Israelis are a 'chosen people', and everyone else is merely 'goy' or 'cattle'. You can lie to them, cheat them, steal from them, it doesn't matter, since they're not really people. They're just 'cattle'.

Islam states that a Muslim is better than a non-muslim, and that a muslim can lie to, cheat, steal etc, a 'dhimi', or, non-muslim. Non-muslims, you see, aren't really people, they're just dirt underfoot.

You can see how two groups of people with this kind of attitude, religiously inscribed, will not treat each other fairly or negotiate in good faith.

Add to that, I think, the recognizably monstrous failure that islamic fascism results in (such as in the PA, and in former Iraq) juxtaposed against the tremendous success that democratic capitilism results in, and someone's going to get a wee bit jealous.

Finally, the sheer hatred of sinful mankind toward a loving God, and the awful pain that results from the knowledge of God's wrath (the law, and believe me, Islam knows the law) without knowing His Redemption in Christ. All that muslims know is that God hates them, and that must drive them to utter desperation.

Ann Coulter is right. Democracy will not stabilize the Arab world. Only the Gospel can release them from their anger.


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