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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rendering unto Caesar

Unfortunately I have class so this will be short (so fortunately for anyone reading this).

My poli sci prof was talking about how good taxes are and how it's godly to pay them due to the old "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's...." I'm certainly not going to dispute God's Word but I am in disagreement with the professor. I have no problem giving Caesar what is due but what if 1) Caesar breaks an oath (the Constitution)
2) What if he wants far more than is necessary and most of the money will be used unConstitutionally and immorally.

I was researching the tax rates of the Roman Empire during the time of Christ. The exhorbitant taxes rates of the day were far less than 10%- one percent head tax and a wealth tax for the community. Augustus, because of the complaints of the people, replaced the farming tax with a head tax. The farming tax had been a progressive taxation based on income and the people disliked it.

People complained about taxes and Jesus told them to pay up. I believe the current system is no longer taxation but pure and simple robbery and coveting. The government covets your money because they covet control and power. High taxes are not Biblical and rather break two Commandments. The Small Catechism, which Lutherans accept as correct, tells people they MUST help their neighbors defend and protect their property. Theft, whether by the government or a stranger, is still theft.


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