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Sunday, February 20, 2005

A New Companion

Full Disclosure: I did not actually get my old Hi Power back, as I had drill that weekend and was not able to pick it up. A customer came in to that store on Saturday, the salesman called my wife and she said to sell it.

After all, we are looking it the thing as an exercise in Christian discipline; to not be so attached to objects. Still, I missed the poor unshootable thing terribly.

So, after much searching..

Everyone needs a carry pistol..

Welcome the new member of the household..

(OK, since Blogger won't allow me to upload a picture, go to I hate blogger sometimes... as soon as I can set up my own page, I will.

A CZ 75 B SA in .40 S&W, which fits my hand like a glove, has a good caliber and a wonderful trigger ( I can see why Jeff Cooper has such good things to say about CZ pistols). It is lighter than a 1911, holds a bit more ammo, is easier to strip.

And it fits my hand so beautifully.
Perhaps I have a new companion. :)


Blogger jml1911a1 said...

Hey smle41,

You can post a picture on the blog by linking to an image. Blogger has instructions on this on their help pages.


February 28, 2005 at 3:14 PM  

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