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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Let me clarify my post on questioning boldly the statements/opinions of others..

Since it is right to question things of drastic, even cosmic import, such as the existence and nature of God (and it is right to do so), why then does our society state it is wrong to question the existence and nature of non-cosmic things? I do not mean to limit the question to any event, or to belittle history. The answers to one affect the universe, and all time. The answers to one don’t involve any eternal soul.

The question I have is not, as I had hoped to express, ‘did the holocaust (revolution, renaissance, reformation, name the event in history) happen the way some say it did, the question is, ‘why can one not question if the holocaust (etc, etc)?

One thing I fear is unquestioning acceptance of others ideas or views, and that society places such a boundary on them. TheKlutz rightly identifies this as nearly a ‘slippery slope’ - if we are not allowed to question one side’s version of events, are we even allowed freedom of thought at all? Surely it has been infringed, and if there is one such infringement, others will follow.


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