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Monday, February 14, 2005

American Slavery in 2005

Someone once wrote that 90% of people have the mentality of a slave. I agree entirely but with one addition- we want the semblance of freedom. We want to light our fireworks on the 4th of July and wave our flags crying out "Freedom" but deep down, we fear and despise it. If Americans wanted true freedom, our politicians would honor their oaths to the Constitution. Social Security, income tax, Medicare, Medicaid, modern public education, gun control- all would be gone. What a slave mentality desires is a false sense of security.

Populism is not given due credit. Most assume it's dead but it's the system of choice for Republicans, Independents who vote for either party, and moderate Democrats. Populism preaches conservative social values but liberal economic ones. They'll vote against gay marriage and shout to save unborn babies (thankfully) but don't understand that giving such power to the government will open the door to even more death and tyrany. By focusing on the symptoms of a large government instead of the cause, the government stays powerful and stays safe.

In my talk with the president of College Republicans, I mentioned how gun control is the issue I'm most passionate about. He responded with confusion, wondering how such a trivial thing could be compared to issues like abortion. People don't understand that to be pro-life means far more than caring only about the unborn but also means providing an environment where life is valued and the people have the means to resist a dangerous gang/terrorist/government.

I mentioned that people want the semblance of freedom. Abortion protestors want to be able to protest abortion (which they should and if Christian MUST). We want the freedom to go to the grocery store and buy the food we want or complain about our taxes. This is not freedom but the status quo. So many freedoms have disappeared and not only do people not realize this but they prefer it. They prefer to have Big Brother care for them, feeding them lies from preschool on up about the wonders of modern society and the kind government which cares for them.
Imagine if Patrick Henry saw the FCC, the BATFE, the Patriot Act, taxation levels, gun control, public education, etc. He would be doing far more than merely smelling a rat.

Something about humanity makes us fear and abhor true freedom. That something is Sin. God offers the only true freedom a person can have- freedom from sin. Freedom from death itself but people reject Him over and over. We prefer to believe the Father of Lies, the Great Deceiver who promises us the world but delivers us to Hell instead. The promise of the Devil and of Big Bother varies greatly in degree but not in substance. They both promise safety in exchange for only one tiny thing, one bend in the knee- one act of obedience.


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