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Monday, January 03, 2005

Was it worth it?

I have spent many hours pondering one question in particular- was the Revolutionary War worth the cost in blood? If the Founders had known how our country would turn out, would they have even bothered? I won't claim to know the answer. They planned a great country with unprecidented freedoms but above all, they intended a small federal government. The Constitution is sort of job description for the Federal government. They have failed disastrously. The Congress controls whatever they wish under the name of interstate commerce and the Supreme Court lets them get away with it. Even worse, citizens don't know and don't care. Look at the public outcry to fix, not eliminate, goverment-funded and controlled public education. Where's that in the Constitution? The Republicans and Democrats alike are competing to see who make the government's public education system the biggest. Modern public education was founded by a "lovely" man named John Dewey- a socialist who knew socialism doesn't work on individuals- we must have a corporate view.
Here's incomplete list of government activities you will find NO WHERE in the ORIGINAL Constitution but most Americans, even "conservative" ones never question:
-Applying the Bill of Rights to the States- that's the point of SMALL governments- let people choose how to live. If states protect rights, wonderful, if they don't- the people can either elect new reps and governors or it's their sign to the other states that they don't WANT those rights.
-Farm subsidies and rules on how many crops to grow- didn't work during the Depression and doesn't work now
-Social Security- same reason. Only 3% of the elderly needed help from the Government (the rest had families to help them or savings) and they didn't get the help anyway- it took years. Now, all the elderly "need" their checks. What a kind, loving gov't we have- giving people their OWN MONEY BACK.
-Gun Control. The Founders intended ALL able-bodies men to have a good rifle- a war rifle. That was a flintlock, now it's a machine gun. They never intended a $500 tax stamp to be required to exercise a right.
-Abortion- the Constitution protects the right to kill a child? Am I missing something?
-Civil Rights legistlation- Forcing the Southern states to sign the 13th and 14th Amendment to reenter the Union. Wait- didn't the North declare they had never really left, hence calling it a CIVIL war? Later, Congress used the interstate commerce clause to justify civil rights leglislation forcing private citizens to ignore race in selling homes and operating stores. Should whites treat blacks equally (and vice versa)- of course. But it's a greated evil to force the unwilling to do something they despise and it's demeaning to both. I'd rather know who didn't like me so I could avoid them. I wouldn't want them to pretend they cared for me.
-Incredible tax rates which hurt the wealthy. Shouldn't we reward the wealthy? After all- they pay my salary! Robin Hood may be popular but he's no different from any other thief. Read Martin Luther's Small Catechism about the Commandments (especially the one regarding stealing)- we're supposed to help our neighbor defend and protect his property, not steal it- or covet it.
I could go on and on but I must go to class- History and Philosophy of Science. No work for 3 more weeks- then I'll be taking 9 or 12 credits plus working 40 hours a week cooking for right, ungrateful, mean college students.


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