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Friday, January 14, 2005

Unsurprising bad news

A report I read today by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America should have angered me more than it did. Instead, I'm almost numb. They've been debating for years how to deal with gay pastor and same-sex couples. They formed a committee which gave its report on the 13th. They've decided to take the worst course possible- to do nothing. They will "agree to disagree" and keep their old standards but not necessarily disipline people should they choose to break those rules. They've decided that the Word of God is second to the appeasement of men.

I have several problems with their approach besides the fact that it goes against God's Law. For one, they're blinding themselves to the fact that they ALREADY HAVE ordained pastors that are openly gay. See, ELCA has pulpit exchanges with the United Church of Christ. A pastor from that church is free to preach in an ELCA church and vice versa. We have to make a public testimony of our faith and they are telling the world that homosexuality is fine and not a problem.

Where leftists often go wrong is in assigning malicious motives to Christian's seemingly harsh laws. I don't have a blind rage against gays and I'm not trying to be mean- I'm trying to be loving. I want them to turn from their ways but they will not turn unless they know it's wrong. ELCA is showing by their actions that they care more about not hurting someone's feelings then where they'll spend eternity. That's not loving- that is the cruelest thing a person could do. Imagine a mother who didn't stop her child from touching a hot iron or crossing the street without looking. This is why the Lutheran church historically focused on Law and Gospel- to bring people down to the point where they see they have no hope save one- Christ. The Gospel would not be sweet without a knowledge of sin.

ELCA is trying to do nothing, to just avoid the issue but they have made their stand. Those who stand for nothing necessarily stand for something- and not necessarily something good. "Better hot or cold than lukewarm". I hope and pray ELCA will turn from their ways but I'm not holding my breath- the line has been drawn.


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