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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Should vs. Force

The American government will send, as we've all heard, $350 million (plus ships and personnel) to aid the Tsunami victims. It's hard to see anything wrong with this because it sounds like a "nice idea". However, the cliche "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" comes from somewhere.

There are many things a person should do. We should help our neighbors and be a good samaritan. To not do so would be evil. However, there is a greater evil- the evil of forcing people to do good. When money is not given freely but rather doled out in our name, the government is forcing citizens to be "good". They are taking YOUR money. This is not the government's money- this is YOURS. My husband and I donated and were glad to. Tens of millions of others have done so as well because we are as a country caring and willing to help. That type of giving is the kind that's needed- the kind done from the heart.

Pres. Bush has good intentions but he is pursuing a dangerous and evil path. Whenever a government resorts to compulsion (and make no doubt- using your money without asking IS compulsion), a very slippery slope has been formed. What if the federal government wants to use your money to give everyone health insurance? New "multi-cultural" curriculums? More law enforcers to get rid of evil guns? All done in our name for the betterment of society...and all destroying our country even more.

We face a problem in America- the betrayal of our federalist roots. Originally, this country emphasized STATE'S RIGHTS. This meant a state could do what they wished; they weren't even bound to follow the Bill of Rights. Each state could operate the way the people wished. State X (blue) wants government healthcare, welfare, environmental rights, etc. State Y does not. Both sides would get their wish. Federalism would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives because the Civil War would not have had to be fought. Don't like the idea of slaves? It was dying out anyway. Don't want to wait that long? Have rich abolitionists and states pay for the slave's freedom. Slavery ended, union perserved, no lives lost, and a government our Founders would be proud of.

The Civil Rights Act forced Southerners to follow Yankee expectations of what's right. Is it really right to force another to serve a certain person in a restaurant or sell them a house? Is that a "good idea" or an example of the government overstepping its bounds? Look where the basic idea has led- people afraid to criticize homosexuality, afraid to stick up for their faith, an army which will toss out all officers that don't tow the P.C. line. Ending segregation sounded like such a wonderful idea but it has led to the government thinking it's their job to force others to be "good". Here's where the democrats have it wrong- republicans don't want to force others to follow their standards of subjective morality- democrats do.

I love the truth, despite its ugliness. As a Christian, I prefer to know when someone hates me for my religion. I hate the false airs people put on. When government forces people to act a certain way, the truth will never get out and the foundations upon which our country was founded are destroyed.


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