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Monday, January 10, 2005

Self-sabatoging gunowners

I've recently become aware of the incredible ability people have to live in a dream world and ignore all evidence to the contrary. This lack of knowledge can lead to destruction, as it likely will in the case of gun owners. We don't want to be believe our cops are evil, our government tyrannous, and that Jefferson might have meant his statement about spilling the blood of patriots to be followed. We like our dream world. As long as we can have our government's permission to buy and carry guns and can keep our "assault" weapons (oh- wait we gave those up for 10 years), we will never have true tyranny. Every gun you buy from the store IS registered- stores have to keep the paperwork. Those instant background checks ARE invasions on your privacy (and faulty at that).

The controversy regarding FishOrMan is the same issue. We don't want that level of tyranny in our government- we don't want to know what government agents get away with. So we come up with excuses. The du Toits were once very much pro-FishOrMan. Maybe they didn't like where that would lead. They are big fans of saying we don't have a tyranny (yet)- no where close. The case of Jason would have been one more little hole in their argument. You would have thought Waco and Weaver but also have blown some holes in the theory but there's an excuse for those as well- they brought it on themselves! They should have surrendered...wait- Waco people TRIED to surrender. They wanted a guarantee they could go to hotel, not prison. The Feds wouldn't go for that. Some tried to surrender in the final stand. Many of those were shot running out of the burning building. Vicki got shot while carrying her baby. A BABY.

We don't have the gulags or re-education camps. Tyranny doesn't require those- it requires simply "oppressive power". By the time the gulags come, it will have been MUCH too late to do a thing about it. We all talk about fighting back if they take our guns.....don't you think that might be a little too late? (For all government pricks out there- here's my disclaimer- I am not writing to incite imminent and immediate violence- only in my dreams would I be that brave).

Here's my prediction- the government will keep gaining more and more power and will have ultimate control over our lives, controlling education, healthcare, and so on but don't worry- we'll get to keep our assault weapons- they'll know we're too cowardly to use them.


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