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Friday, January 07, 2005

Quiet Night

As this is a nice, quiet night, the klutz is curled up a ball and reading Harry Potter. I've been working on wood. I have put several coats of Tru-Oil on a walking stick/staff for her, as well as the refinishing of a K-31 Schmidt-Rubin and a Hawken .54 kit. All of this promises to turn out very well indeed.
I'm germinating a 'hate the cops' essay in my head, not too far unlike my 'long comment' below. I am reviewing so many experiences from friends, family, myself, that are leading to something.
Another blogger wrote that "the plural of anecdotes is not data". This is only mostly true, for if enough people state 'I saw birds flying south for the winter' the accumulation of anecdotes can lead to general conclusions, such as 'There are birds who fly south for the winter', which is a fact, a piece of data.
I guess the idea that I am opposed to that many others support is this 'All policemen everywhere are at all times perfect human beings, and for this reason they may be trusted to be our overseers, and we are at all times to held in abeisance to them'. I also do not believe that simply because a man wears a clerical collar, that he is perfect. This outer piece of cloth, or the uniform he is wearing, does not confer holiness to the man.
To all the world, good night.
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