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Monday, January 24, 2005

The Iraq conundrum

I wrote out this blog earlier but then the stupid computer quit working and deleted my post. Here's try number two.

The War of Terror has two likely outcomes and one fantasy ending (meaning it'll never happen).

1)The first possibility is that Americans keep fighting in Iraq and then possibly move on the other countries in an attempt to force Western democracy on people. Many will be very grateful but not most. Most will in fact resent us. Iran didn't become a fundamentalist regime until AFTER American business and aid had pulled the country out of dire poverty. People can't rise up until they have the means and motive to do so. The motive is simple: Islam. We are infidels to them and deserve to die. Allah commands that they slaughter infidels. There are some verses that sound nice but far too many that make it apparent that Islam is not a religion of peace. In this scenario more Americans are killed, although fortunately most of the fighting will be over there, not in America. However, Bush's dream of ending tyranny will not happen.

2) In four years American's will prove once again how cowardly our culture has become and will elect a man weak in foreign policy who's main message is that maybe (hopefully) they won't attack us if we just bend over backwards and give them what they want. Iran wants nuclear material? No problem- we don't want to offend anyone. When they realize they can kill Americans without fear of retribution they will. Civil liberties will be thrown out. Remember, it was Lincoln who suspended the Constitution and he was not particularly conservative. The uproar by liberals is very dishonest as they like civil liberties about as much as Feinstein likes guns in the hands of "commoners"

3) This final "possibility" is my dream scenario because Americans wouldn't try and do the impossible (a world free of tyranny) but won't look like cowards. Just like Switzerland, America would issue good rifles and provide military training (once a month or so) to every male of suitable age in the country. States, not the federal government, would run this. If Muslims did try to do something stupid they'd have half the American population to deal with (and more if women decided to learn at least rudimentary marksmenship). Muslim can then live in their own squalor and self-destruct and all those who would have been grateful to America for liberation can come right on over. Kick all those illegals out who don't want to be americans but rather desire to be rich mexicans. Any who wish to come to America and be Americans would be welcomed.

There may be another solution but I don't see it. Possibly establishing some sort of relative democracy (or at least not a violently anti-American government) in Iraq but not expecting too much might help but wouldn't be nearly as effecting.

To cut and run now would make us look like cowards and would make us more supseptible to attacks. To stay and try to bring about world freedom will backfire and make them resent us and thus try to kill the soldiers (and civilians if they can). Hence


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