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Saturday, January 22, 2005

"I didn't buy a gun-really I didn't"

I have a husband who's obsessed with guns and there's one sentence I've learned to dread. "Honey, I didn't buy a gun. Really, I didn't". Yeah, right. When he says that, I'm already running through his wish list of guns figuring out which one he bought- the K31, the enfield, the 10-22......My brother was trying to keep a secret from my dad once and told him he could guess what his present was but he couldn't guess a saw. Guess what the present was. Kids do the same thing when they do something wrong. "Mommy, I didn't do hit my sister". Two seconds later, the sister comes in crying.

When I read smallestminority's blog about the new anti-racist math, I couldn't help but compare it with my husband's dreaded sentence. They're telling these kids over and over "there's no difference, all are equal, we're the same, racism is bad, racism is horrible". Why do you have to repeat something over and over again unless you don't believe it? I went to a school in North Idaho that was rather old-fashioned- we learned reading and writing and were spared most of the politically correct garbage. It was a mostly white school but there were a few hispanics and blacks. I never heard them called a racist name- short of the word "nigger" (learned from T.V.) I didn't know a single racial slur. It wasn't until I went to a politically correct college in southern california that I learned what a "spic" was.

My husband told me about a kid named 'elliot' he knew growing up who was black. No one thougth anything of him- he was just one of them. No big deal until there was an assembly about blacks at his school and elliot was pointed out. From that day on, he was never treated the same.

People often ignore differences until they're pointed out. The world is suddenly "us" vs. "them". Cramming anti-racism down kids throats won't do anything except make them wonder why it's being crammed down their throats. These are the same kids who go home and say "mommy, I didn't hit my sister". Could it be that the school has to continually tell them blacks are equal because deep down the school believes they're not?

One thing that strikes me about liberals is how incredibly racist they are. They're patronizing towards blacks and assume they can't make it without help from whites. Blacks are the "white man's burden". which is why they rush to give more welfare to blacks. Conservatives realize that blacks and whites are equal and trust that a black man or woman can get ahead through hard work. Christianity itself is the greatest anti-racist force- God died for ALL people, for all the sins of the world whether done by blacks or whites.


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