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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hello from Smelly

This may come as a shock to all, but the last two posts were not written by me. No, they were written by an impostor, someone who knows my habits and shamelessly copied them, falsely attributing them to me. ... my very own klutz... how could she do this? :)
What I want to do, as I am engaged in a noble and respected profession, is keep a running tally of what I have to deal with, so the world can feel sympathy. Does anyone know how to do this? Such folk as Smallest Minority have a tally of those he has taken to the range, so the tally is possible.
By the way, if you have never read the Smallest Minority, shame on you. Go and read him at
I hope to establish a blogroll shortly, composed of the likes of Powerline, CaptainsQuarters and Kim du Toit.
And before I go for the night, here's a thought. Christianity is the most science-oriented religion in the world. First, because of it's assumption of an ordered and reasoned universe; God created the world in six days in an ordered and rational fashion. Second, that there is a "Natural Light" or reason that is a gift of God that is a remant of the image of God preserved from the Fall; we have a token, or shadow, of the reasoning (sentient) ability that God has. Third, that since we are indeed made in His image, His rationality and our rationality are not totally dissimilar; our reason is clouded, and we cannot understand the Creation perfectly, but we can understand it in part.
That's my controversial postulation for tonight. What do y'all think?


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