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Saturday, January 08, 2005

First, bash the preachers

Yay, I've been linked. :) :) And as soon as I figure out the linking thing, I'll put up a bunch of my own. :)
As I've been thinking about all the positive (a few) and negative (a whole bunch) experiences I' ve had with cops, I've also been thinking about it's corollary.
There are many people who seem to think that the uniform makes the man, or, in other words, that because a person is a policeman, that alone makes them worthy of deference. As if the vocation, or profession, makes the person 'holy'. This is an argument we Lutherans have long held against other sects. For instance, the Roman church believes that because a person is frocked, or belongs to an order, that this makes a person 'holy'. That some vocations are more holy than others.
See, wrapped up in the 'asshole' debate, and noted by 'addison', is the belief that some vocations are more holy than others. We Lutherans believe that the profession is not what makes a person above reproach, it is the level of our sanctification, or the state of our regeneration before God.
When we go to a church, we don't automatically confess all our sins and misdeeds to a pastor. We get to know the pastor first. Because we don't know whether he is trustworthy man of God, in the pains of second birth. Or, if he is a satanic jackass. The truth of this world is that their are many ordained people who are satanic jackasses, even the President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
And just because of the uniform of a pastor he is wearing, this does not mean he is a pastor. After 9/11, our secular President Bush was far more Biblical and Pastoral than most 'pastors'!!! Many people I've met in my theology and pastoral college courses were as pastoral as the Father of Lies himself. -This, by the way, ticks me off and got me in more trouble than my reaction to the hypocrites like the du Toits and many of their readers. For Christians of principle cannot be forgiven short of repentance for openly and defyingly disobeying the Two Tables. Those who do not know the law and do not live by principle can more easily tolerated when they vacillate, struggling to decide upon one morality or the other. Those who do know the law and deliberately violate it, even to the point of saying that stealing is right, are much worse off. One does not know of a moral paradigm to abide by. The other does.
So, the 'germinating essay' will have things such as to have us stop looking at things solely from the side of one we assume to be right. Pastors should be held to higher standards (as should cops) because of Who they represent.
In this, there is also a thought about about the civil government and it's role and the role of the agents of the civil government.


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