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Monday, January 31, 2005


I finally have the time to blog. I started back to work last week and was there 6 days in a row (I normally only work 4 10 hr days). I'm a cook at a university and the beginning of the new semester is always busy. I'm also taking classes and am struck at how deep the liberal mindset is in the minds of even "conservative" college students and professors (I attend a "christian" university).
My history professor rants about Hitler being the "face of evil" and that Germany caused two world wars. We'll be spending 4 classes on the Holocaust and only one on all of Germany's history up until the Reformation. I fear to wonder what will happen if I mention I have doubts about the Holocaust. I want answers, not ad hominem attacks. One of our textbooks discusses a "holocaust denier" but spends more time mentioning the picture of Hitler on his desk than his arguments.
My Biblical class is fine- no complaints. My history class focuses on primary documents thankfully- so we'll be reading the Republic, not merely reading about it. There are some problems- we've had to watch a horrible movie Supersize Me. The point of watching the movie was to make us see how easy it is to select and manipulate facts while ignoring the other point of view, which was fine. The problem was that the students agreed with the movie. They agree that McDonalds is to blame for obesity- not the poor choices of consumers. They gave me blank stares when I mentioned supply and demand. The average student in a university, whether they graduated from a private or public school, has a Marxist mindset- a deterministic view of the world coupled with a disregard for personal responsibility. Most wanted the government to step in and fix the problem.
My final class should be interesting. I hope to make people think. The subject is the American presidency and the teacher is the one of the only democrats on the staff. The president of college republicans is in the class. Students think they're so different from the professor but they only vary in degree and honesty. The prof will admit he wants big government. The students will say they love small government but have no idea what that means. We rated Bush and he got an A from the Republican pres but this man also says he loves Reagan. Bush stands for MORE government while Reagan stood for less. He wasn't perfect but he was sure better than Bush. Too many republicans vote for party members but not for traditional party values. One of the class members doesn't think Ahnold is a RINO!
Mention eliminating Social Security, making full-autos easier to buy, eliminating the FAA (or drastically reducing it), burning the Patriot Act, not funding the NEA, federal art programs, Pell grants, and most other government programs and see the looks you'll get.
John Dewey got what he wanted when he changed public education- he got a flock of socialist sheep, ready and willing to head the call of "big government".


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