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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

anger, and a reader :)

Anger is a pet sin of mine. So is lust, but I think I get taken over by anger more often, and more passionately.

Recently, a pre-seminary student and coworker of mine lied on his time sheet, writing down that he had been working such and such an activity, for so and so long. When I asked him about it, he shrugged it off as if laziness, dishonesty and theft from an employer were no big deal.

I exploded at him. I still haven't forgiven him, nor has he asked for forgiveness. We are still marginally cordial, but a deep friendship is out.

When I sin, as I do often, too often I know I am sinning. I make no bones to say that lust is no sin. It is. I get very angry at unrepentant sin. Perhaps, too angry.

In my honorable and noble profession, I have much time to think about chaos, the breakdown of the world, the inexorable disordering of creation wrought by our sin, and I often feel a near-helpless rage at the evil in the world. How helpless we are to stop the effect of sin. Sin gave us life-destroying waves, life-taking murderers. How creation must groan under this awful weight.

.. On the other hand, I am more pleased than I can record that not only are there those who are reading this, but that I am not alone in my sentiments. I felt great anger when I posted at another sight and was repeatedly insulted by those who completely missed the point. That anger is abated now that I know that there are those who understand. You see, I am not a complete fool after all, or, at least, there are other fools like me.

So, my gracious thanks to a reader nicknamed after a fine, fine rifle, and a linker named after a fine, fine pistol.

Should no one here have read, please do so.

Thank you, and God's gracious Peace.


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