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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A**holes and open carry

This is the Klutz writing-
There was a case recently where a man legally open carried in his car. The gun was unloaded, as dictacted by Washington State law. He was pulled over because of a warrant issued after an incident with a cop in his hometown regarding (legal) open carry- he wrote a letter to the cop explaining his rights and it ended with a warrant out. When we was pulled over, the police arrested him, accused him of being a "Constitutionalist" (the horror), talked to his wife in not the kindest of manners, and threatened to lie, saying he had threatened the police. Instead of being appalled/agast/scared/etc many "pro-gun" blogs are now blaming him, saying he should have been kinder, been less of an a**hole, in their own words. I wonder how being "nice" would have saved someone in Stalin's gulags? "Geez, Stalin- I'm so sorry. Please don't torture me." Imagine them calmly, nicely explaining their rights. I'm willing to bet you're thinking the same thing as me- that wouldn't work. Policemen are often power-hungry and do not wish to be proven wrong. Jason (the gunowner's name) wasn't as nice as he could have been, but it wouldn't have made a difference. More so than that, even if it would have made a difference, it DOESN'T MATTER. Being a gentleman is a good and noble thing but it is gentlemanly to call evil evil. It is noble to fight for the rights guaranteed in this Constitution. Being a gentleman does not mean being "nice"- it stands for valor, honor, integrity, and plain and simple guts.
It doesn't seem to me that Jason was being an a**hole, but even if he was, that also wouldn't matter. Policemen must know the law- must know the rights they are supposed to protect. If they don't, they cease being public servants and become tools for oppression. It was the police that denied blacks in the South their licenses to carry. It is police now in New York and Chicago (and S. Africa) that judge whether or not a gun is "needed" for protection. This is tyranny. We shy away from that word but there is no other word for it. Agents of the government are determining what people can protect themselves and what people will have to live in perpetual fear for their lives. Remember- the shot heard 'round the world world was first shot because people's gun were going to be seized by the English government. They considered that and high taxes to be tyranny. Kind of makes you think, doesn't it......


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