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Rants from two Pro-gun, pro-Constitution, anti-liberal, anti-government spouses who also discuss Lutheran doctrine and probably a lot about survival and guns from the other spouse- my husband. If you hate commies, the blue states, and love the Constitution, read this blog.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

First blog

My first blog posting- and probably not a long one at that. This blog will discuss the falling apart of America (both of us) and guns (my husband).
The center never does hold- not even in a land with such great potential. Original sin takes over from there. My husband and I are conservative politically (and I mean truly conservative- go to the right of Scalia). We're orthodox lutherans (LCMS, for those of you that care) but weren't raised so. My husband was atheist and I was hilary clinton methodist going to a hippie college. How things change....


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